Edlin's mission to offer a high-quality education begins in kindergarten, where children learn to read using a phonics-based approach and have the opportunity to master basic mathematical skills quickly while moving on to higher levels requiring problem-solving techniques. 

As the children grow older and their academic sophistication increases, they learn to write clearly and effectively, respond on an analytical basis to deeper levels of meaning in literature, and develop proficiency with the grammatical structures and vocabularies of foreign languages. They also obtain an understanding of not only the facts of national and world history but also those facts' relevance to the modern world, and through hands-on experimentation they attain familiarity with both the seen and unseen aspects and forces of our world. Children also follow an accelerated course in mathematics, and at the highest levels they examine theory and perform tasks requiring analysis, critical thinking, and manipulation of concepts.

Students who take full advantage of the Edlin curriculum leave in the eighth grade well prepared for the rigors of high schools in the Washington, D.C. area and the nation.