Second Grade Field Trip to Air and Space Museum In Washington, DC

On Friday, Jan. 12th, the Second Grade Class visited the Air and Space Museum, in Washington DC, and provided more proof that learning is fun! We visited the museum to learn about aeronautics and to attend The Discovery Theater Presentation of “Professor Wingnut Wants to Fly”. The interactive presentation used song and dance to teach the children about “Lift, Drag, and Thrust”. Following the presentation, we visited hands-on Science Stations that taught about principles such as gravity, planets, and other aspects of aeronautics. The children also had the opportunity to tour the museum, touch the moon rock, and see historical aircraft and spacecraft. One of the highlights of the trip was the guided tour of Wilbur and Orville Wright and how they developed the first airplane. During the ride home on the bus, the children continued to talk about all the fun things they saw and learned from this exciting field trip!